Caribbeam Dreambox - Our Digital Cable box and digital satellite receivers can be fully customized with the largest set of features you can think of. The box, cable digital DM100-B has the best preformance. the "black" box is very unique and is designed with the customer and the cable operators in mind. Due to the flexibility of the unit, it can be use by customers as a FTA cable receiver or with the smart card it can get all the channels offered by the Cable TV company.

We are an innovative company with over 10 years experience in digital communication and multi media systems. With our solid background in design of Cable TV top set up boxes, implementation and installation of back-end Cable Distribution systems we your number one choice!

If you are looking for digital Satellite Set Up box, digital Cable Set Up box, DTT or Web base media we have the solution and if not we will make it!

This FTA digital cable TV box will work in the following islands:

  • Barbados
  • Curacao
  • Antiqua

And everywhere there is digital cable tv service, to receive the free cable tv channels. Digital Cable channels TV list coming soon.

This digital cable black box is for sale for only $399.00

Disclaimer:There are hacks available to make this dm-b box a digital cable descrambler black box, however we do not promote hacking or modifying dmb cable television boxes in any way or form!

Make your PC or Laptop into a TV and watch free cable TV

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Just released the DM100-B The first complete digital Cable Receiver, based on opensource code. Great for persons who what to customize their digital entertainment cable set up box This is your ticket to the free cable tv channels.

»April 06 2006

Soon the be released Model DM100-T and DM-X Satellite TV and ngrab dreambox card sharing

»April 06 2006

How to make your cable box work?

»May 03 2006



Free cable tv channels. Digital cable TV box  DM100-B with remote controle